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Risk Improvement Recommendations
Preventive maintenance has always been an important part of water and waste-water facilities.

Infrared (IR) imaging of major electrical equipment has been proven to greatly enhance the success of this preventive maintenance.

A thermographic infrared survey should be conducted on all critical electrical systems and equipment, such as transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, electric motors and bolted electrical system connections. The cost of a thermographic survey is widely regarded as minimal when compared to the cost of replacing electrical equipment that fails when least expected, which may often cause an unexpected facility shutdown or fire. Also, refer to NFPA 70B, section 20.17 (2002 Edition).

Thermo infrared imaging works by identifying hot spots created by loose termination, circuit breakers and motor starters creating heat and starting to fail. This is a safe and efficient way to locate problems.

When evaluating the equipment, we will look for any other possible problems such as, disconnected “hot” wires needing to be removed or capped off for safety. These wires are not detectable by an infrared camera.

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